Carmarthen Orthodontic Practice




The Orthodontic Centre Carmarthen has been part of the Q Dental Care Group since July 2011.

Fully refurbished in 2012, this Orthodontic Practice has a modern and comfortable feel, but in a traditional building. The practice is situated on The Parade very close to Carmarthen town centre, and has the latest digital imaging and dental x-ray facilities.


As you enter the building, Reception is immediately to your left, and is manned by our professional and qualified staff who are always happy to help. On the ground floor we have a consultation room for patients to discuss their aims and the proposed treatment. 



Once you have checked in with a receptionist, if your orthodontist is not available to see you immediately, there is a comfortable and welcoming patient lounge in which you can relax.





Treatment Area

Our carefully designed treatment areas are situated on the first floor. Your clinicians will collect you from the first floor waiting area and accompany you to the appropriate part of the treatment area. Meanwhile you’ll be able to relax in spacious surroundings with magazines to read and informative material to view on flat screen TVs.


 X-Ray Room

As part of the orthodontic examination, it is often necessary to take radiographs (X-Rays). We have very modern machines to enable us to take the best possible images. The X-Ray room and our procedures are carefully designed for your maximum protection against unnecessary exposure to radiation. We also take care to send copies of our X-Rays to your dentist to avoid the need for unnecessary duplication.


 Sterilisation Room

The sterilisation room is where the instruments are cleaned and sterilised. We use as many disposable items as possible at each treatment for the protection of all our patients, but any instruments we have to re-use are sterilised at 134°C every time they are touched. This ensures that there is no risk of cross-infection between patients.