Swansea Orthodontic Practice



The Orthodontic Centre Swansea has been part of the Q Dental Care Group since July 2011.

The practice is situated on Sketty Road, Swansea and is scheduled for refurbishment in early 2013 to further enhance the facilities outlined below.

The premises were originally 2 semi-detached residential properties which have been combined to form a very spacious orthodontic practice.

There is ample street parking close to the practice



Our reception area is immediately opposite as you enter. You can be assured of a warm welcome by our Reception team who will assist patients to check in, book further appointments and answer any other queries you may have.



Patient Lounge 

The Patient Lounge area is opposite our reception area, it is an open plan lounge with magazines to read before you are invited into a surgery.


Treatment Area

There are three spacious surgeries which are clean and bright.  Our clinicians will help you to relax while they work with you to achive the smile you desire.



X-Ray Room

As part of the orthodontic examination, it is often necessary to take radiographs (X-Rays). We have very modern machines to enable us to take the best possible images. The X-Ray room and our procedures are carefully designed for your maximum protection against unnecessary exposure to radiation. We also take care to send copies of our X-Rays to your dentist to avoid the need for unnecessary duplication.



Sterilisation Room

The sterilisation room is where the instruments are cleaned and sterilised. We use as many disposable items as possible at each treatment for the protection of all our patients, but any instruments we have to re-use are sterilised at 134°C every time they are touched. This ensures that there is no risk of cross-infection between patients.